Friday, November 8, 2013

The Marshall Family {Saint Louis Family Photographer}

It was a beautiful fall day at the park to  photograph these brothers and their family. Great colors and great temperatures. Boys are a whole different world than my two girls. Obviously in age but it so many other ways. I love to watch the dynamic of the how they talk to each other and  how they react to EVERYTHING that the other one says.  I think I see a glimpse of my future with new teenagers.

 C,the older son, who doesn't understand his mother's need for photos again this year {smile} was still a fabulous subject.
And B, the younger son ,was regaling me with facts and little tidbits of info about every natural thing that we passed by at the park.  He's going to be a science man for sure.

 If you follow my other blog, you'll remember that I  took their photos last fall . I'm so glad that  I get to continue to photograph the boys growing up and  changing every year.

This time I even got some photos of the whole family as well. More good ones to come in your online gallery, Marshall Family.

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