Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Furry Kids Session: The Schafer Dogs

My godmother/godfather are as much  family to me as my blood relatives. They have  been in my life since the beginning.  My siblings and I spent many a summer day at her house running through the woods and drinking all the Kool-aid and soda in her house.  They chose not to have kids but lots of dogs over the years, usually three at a time.

Recently one of her mutts named Buddy has come down with Lymphoma.  She has done everything to help him, chemo, radiation, vitamins and anything else she can.  He was responding well to treatment when he tore is ACL and now some other ligaments in his leg. He seems fine. If you didn't know, you couldn't tell by  looking at him.

She asked me recently to come and take his picture since she didn't have any good ones of him.  Of course, the answer was yes. We had a few good days here in town a few weeks ago so I got a sitter and hurried out there.  You just never know with cancer.

After getting there and letting them all get the excitement out of their systems. They started sitting down and doing a get job posing.  I even managed to get some shots of his brother, Timmy( black dog) and his sister, Goldie(the golden one). I'm so glad she liked them.

Look at her cute little missing and under-bite teeth. You can't talk to her without doing that with your own teeth.

And Timmy never sits still so this was a really good day.